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NOL: West Mira operational incident

March 26, 2021 – Hamilton, Bermuda

Northern Ocean Ltd. (“The Company”) is providing an update on the operational incident involving the West Mira on March 19, 2021, also with reference to reports in the press.

During the process of lowering production equipment to the well location in the Nova field, the rig experienced equipment failure resulting in the production equipment descending to the seabed. No one was injured in the incident and the well was secured with three barriers in place.

The manager, Seadrill Europe Management AS, and the client, Wintershall Dea Norge AS, are conducting investigations into the incident and have agreed a plan to secure the production equipment. Based on current plans to inspect the impacted equipment and perform between well maintenance, the Company is forecasting that the West Mira will return to work by mid-April, subject to weather conditions and other factors which may arise. Both the manager and client remain in close communication with the Petroleum Safety Authority.

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